Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Zoe - 10 months

Time is flying by and lil' Zoe is 10 months old already. She is so much fun - I think I write this on every post, but oh well, it's true. She just started crawling last week and now it's exploring everything she can put her hands on, that includes pulling every single magazine out of the neatly stacked pile, or pulling the TP roll to rip it apart. She is loving to share her toys and food with mommy and daddy. She's waving bye-bye and she also gives mommy a kiss when asked - her kiss is a wide open mouth touching my cheeks. She loves to climb over mommy and to grab daddy's hair or face. She has tried a lot of new foods including beets, asparagus, and pineapple and is also eating lots of finger foods such as Cheerios, bread, and fruits and veggies. I have been noticing that she started to understand a lot more of what we say (with wanting mom, dad, more, feed, and so on). She is also learning how to play with her toys, trying to stack or squeeze them. It's been amazing to see her developing. This girl, she is my wild.

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