Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Time is flying

I cannot believe that Zoe will be one soon. I'm prepping for her party and even though it seems like time flew, it is also awesome to see my little girl growing up.  
For her party we only have about 20 something people coming (counting the  kids). I want it to be cute but also laid back, but it is easy to get distracted while looking at my inspiration at Pinterest (if you want to check it out, look for Zoe's 1st birthday). Often, I have to remind myself that: 1) I can't spend much (I haven't officially worked on a budget but I'm trying to make things myself as much as possible and cut costs as I dream of the perfect party). 2) there is no perfect party and she won't remember much. Mainly, she will look back one day and just be happy that we were celebrating. 3) don't make it a big deal, there will be more years to come and she will even enjoy it more later. 4) this big 1st birthday party is a late trend. Don't just do things to be cool, do it for your baby. Too much IS too much for them. Keep it simple, have fun and work around their schedule. Zoe's party will be a 2 hour pool party on our building, so if she gets tired we can be home in 1 minute. 
I do have to remind myself of those things because I do get distracted and want to get more decoration or order food or bake perfect little cakes. As long we have a cake, family and friends, and a birthday song it will be perfect. 
The garland I am making for decorating the walls. 

Friday, May 24, 2013

We are back

So, we were away for a while visiting family and friends in PA/NY. Here is a photo journal of our last couple weeks. 
Working on our place in Easton, PA
Playing with aunt Becca

Growing up fast

Touching bunny with Mimi

Walking in NYC - Madison Square Park

Turning 11 months old

Hiking with mommy and daddy at Laumeier Sculpture Park, MO