Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Out of the box

We are finally unpacked and felling more settled these days. I still need to work on decorating and organizing, but the simple stage of our new pad works for now. Plus, the place is so cute that it will not need too much to get everything together.

Our first focus was the back yard. I guess other people would normally work on that last, but it's spring and we are anxious to be out and to enjoy the sun on the lawn. Since we had no grass at first we had to throw some seeds and be patient for a couple of weeks. Which by-the-way I wasn't and now I'm blamed for the empty grass spots. Ops! But no regrets, I'm tanned now and that's all it matters.

Our humble bar filled with good finds from this year's German Village yard sale

Can you guess what cozinha means? I bought those letter pressed letters at Paper Hammer in Seattle ( check out: )

Adding some fire without the mess

More "GVYS" good finds for our back yard - $5 old chair and some hostas

Watching the grass grow - fists stages

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