Saturday, July 16, 2011

Last month

Since it is been a while since my last post, I will try to summarize the last events of the month in a couple of photos.
Since I last posted I have been:

Watching Shakespeare in the park

Eating breakfast at home - I am obsessed with hard boiled eggs--, brunch at Tasi, sweets at Pistacia Vera

Enjoying the night sitting outside

Seeing art - at a museum or at the street

Celebrating our 7th year anniversary - This photo was our dinner at Lindeys Restaurant in German Village.

Bread making

This weekend I spend two days working on making and baking bread. I made my starter a couple of weeks ago following the recipe on the Macrina book that I bought in Seattle.
I made a rustic baguette and a Casera loaf, which were both really tasty and even though they use the same basic ingredients each one has a different consistency and flavor.
Making bread is a long process especially since I do not own a mixer, but I can assure you it is very satisfying when you have your first bite of the crisp crust, soft center loaf. The warm aroma of bread filling the air is very comforting.

15 minutes beating and a mess

More beating

Casera Loaf

Rustic baguette

To finish it up, we spread some raspberry, strawberry jam I made a month ago. It was delicious if I can say so myself. This is pretty close to the jam recipe I used from the SURE.JELL box directions.

Raspberry Strawberry Jam

Click here to see on the Macrina webpage how they made their starter.

Have a great week!