Saturday, November 24, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sorry for my late post, but I wanted to wish you all a happy -belated- Thanksgiving!
Zoe's first Thanksgiving

I had decided to not go shopping on Black Friday since my experience in retail makes me well aware of the crazies out on the streets on that day. Also, there is nothing really that I need so I know I will spend on unnecessary items. However, laying in bed yesterday morning I see an ad for Macy's Black Friday specials and since there is one a block away from my place I ended up stopping by with my 'Oops! Sorry sales attendants, I know you could do without me, but I promise I am a civilized shopper' face.
In spite of my aversion to Black Fridays, I ended up finding some great deals.
What about you all? Did you do to any crazy midnight shopping?
Some sparkles for me
I found these pants for $4.99 and it worked great with a tee she  already had.

...and after all that turkey, what is there to do?