Tuesday, July 8, 2014

New toy for mama.

I have been sewing in my Husqvarna Viking Madison for almost 9 years and love how simple and easy is to use and care for her. It's a super reliable machine. My husband gave me that on our second Christmas and I just love to sew on it, but since I started quilting and actually since a long time ago when I used my sewing friend and mentor semi-industrial Juki, I've been wanting one for my collection. I am used to industrial sewing machines, so I would love to have a fast straight stitch, with knee lever, and bigger space to use for my projects. This year, my loving husband gave me a Juki 2010Q for our 10th anniversary. He knows me so well. And I love it! This machine sews very smooth - fast and quiet. I love the thread cutting and needle up/down features. I'm still figuring out the threader, sometimes I get it, sometimes I don't, but most importantly, it quilts very nice. Now I can leave one machine set up for piecing and my Juki for quilting. How fun?! I'm feeling so fancy. 

Okay, don't judge! I'm still learning to free-motion quilt. :)
What do you sew on?

Happy sewing!