Friday, April 26, 2013

Being busy

What a wonderful time we had this week. We went swimming for the first time at the baby pool. Zoe looked adorable in her one-piece suit and loved walking and floating in the water (but unfortunately I did not take any photos). It was great, because even though she loves her bath time, she was being fussy when I had to wash her hair and water went on her face, so I made sure to walk under the water showers at the pool playground. I think it helped a lot, she is not complaining as much when I rinse her hair.
We had a play date at our friends house and Zoe was crawling over anyone (babies and adults). Well, this baby is not shy people. We went to happy hour at Mizu with daddy and Zoe ate edamame and tofu. I love how she can just eat pretty much whatever we eat now.
Also, yesterday she spent the day with daddy while I went to get my hair done. What a treat!
We can't wait to be really nice outside so we can be busy bees this Summer.
Have a happy weekend!

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