Monday, April 22, 2013

Beautified blocks DIY

Zoe's toys are a blend of wood blocks or stackables, Teddy's and homemade plush animals, and some plastic cups and shapes. She doesn't have any battery required, music playing, or light flashing toys. It wasn't a conscious decision at first, but we've grown to the idea of more natural toys. I know these toys can't improve my baby's ability to read, write, sing, or become a genius, but it does improve her imagination and creativity and I am happy with that. Plus, I don't have an annoying song playing on the background all the time.
I bought a bag of these wooden blocks at a second hand children store for $7 with about 30-40 blocks. I love how simple they are, but I also love to add some pattern and color for when we build little towns (or I build it just to be destroyed and chewed on by Zoe).
All you need is some wooden blocks, washi tape and scissors. I got my washi tape on Etsy (they are usually $2 or $3 a roll). Tape it and enjoy! :) Easy and pretty!

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