Monday, April 15, 2013

Oh boy, here we go...

Zo started crawling this week. She is still trying to figure it out, so she will crawl a little then sit, then crawl a little then sit again. She loves her new mobility though. Yesterday we were playing at our friends' house and she was overly excited crawling from one toy to another, pulling herself up on the toy box and on her little friend Al, licking every toy she could manage to get a hold on, laughing and screaming of excitement while her mild friend just sits and observes her. Zoe is also doing a lot of sharing, she will pick something and hand it to us - like a million times. Except yesterday when she was having fun picking toys from Al's hands. Oh boy! Do i see a "future troublemaker alert"? I do try to make her understand that the other kid was playing with that toy, but I think at this stage there isn't a lot to do yet. As Al's mom said "it's better to let them work it out themselves". So, here we go, to a whole new stage of parenting.

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