Wednesday, October 8, 2014

My dark studio, but I love it.

We have recently moved from a downtown loft to a neighborhood house in the burbs. Two kids life demands. I was afraid of this big change, but when I thought of the possibility to have a studio space again, then I couldn't move sooner. The unfinished basement is pretty clean and spacious, so I was totally fine setting up shop there. There is a perfect little room sectioned off and now I call it my own area where my kids are kinda not allowed. Kinda because I do want them around to get interested in sewing, but I also want some me time there with little interruptions. We also worked on a play area for the girls in the "room" next door. This way I'm right next to them, but doing some sewing. 
Here is a look of my space -and sneak peak of my WIPs. I still hope on doing some work on the studio, but it works for now. 

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