Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Splurge alert!

Last Sunday I was shopping at the big J store and could not resist. I splurged on an Oliso iron. One of those that lift up from magical little feet. 
I know it isn't a high necessity to have a fancy iron, but please allow me to make my case. I remember the first time I saw one of those was when I watched a Missouri Star Quilt Company tutorial. When Jenny touched the iron and I saw it go down I went "wow, what just happened?". I pressed the rewind button (maybe a couple of times) to understand what was that new contraption. From then on I kept seeing on blogs I follow, so when I saw one this past Sunday for over 50% off it was not surprising (to me anyways) that I had to have that little steam machine. 

This is not the Pro (which costs $200), but as I got home I did my research and I found out that this one runs from $99-$145 online. Well, I paid $55 since it was on sale (and it was the last one, so it was meant to be). 
I kind of feel guilty buying a fancy iron when I had one that still worked pretty well, but I like my new toy too much so I'll  just try to not think about it and go on do some pressing (and, ahem, make a new iron board cover). 

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