Monday, February 10, 2014

There is a new quilter on the block!

I feel like I have abandoned this blog, but recently I took on a new hobby and decided to post again to register my projects.

Hand binding the quilt is a very relaxing task and so rewarding, because it's the end of all the hard work.
Simple and modern - I am really proud of my accomplishment.

Before anything, I have to say that it is really hard to move fast on any project when you have a very active 19 month old crawling at your feet. To add to the "problem" (not really a problem, but maybe obstacle while trying to sew), this winter has been so cold, so we have been stuck inside with little options to channel all that energy. Therefore, we are two -- and a half! I am 7 months pregnant -- crancky bodies. Whenever she naps I have to nap too, because it is exhausting to chase around a little one while carrying the extra weight of pregnancy. In fact, all I want to do is sleep sometimes.

I do feel that when I sit down to sew a little, my girl goes to play by herself for a little while and explore (including mommy's purse, craft drawers, kitchen tapewares, among other things in which I'll sometimes "scream": OMG no!!!!). But don't worry, most of the time, this is what she does when I am trying to sew.

 All that to say that it is really exciting when I do get to finish something on these long cold days.

Let's start crafting!!!

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