Saturday, January 19, 2013

Happy 2013 and a new DIY jazz-it-up your baby's clothes

Hi, I hope you all had a great holiday season. We had a great time visiting family in PA. It was a long drive from Missouri, which we did on two segments of 7-8 hours. We stopped in Columbus, OH for the night and got to spend time with friends and eat amazing food like breakfast at Tazi (they have the best sausage and gravy I've ever had and a delicious challah French toast with bananas and maple syrup.. Yumm!), french macaroons and shortbreads from Pistacia Vera, the best veggie burger in town from NorthStar Cafe and let's not forget the Salty Caramel and Sweet potato with roasted marshmallows ice cream from Jeni's. Ok, I'm drooling now. So on to the DIY.
I bought a bunch of white onesies for Zoe and though I could -as I said- jazz-it-up a couple. Also, I had this sweater I bought in a consignment store for a couple bucks, but I wasn't so crazy about the cutesy sheep design.

What you need:

Masking tape
Brush or foam brush
Fabric paint
Pattern hole puncher
Adhesive cardstock
A piece of thick paper

With the tape I made striped. I used a combination of colors and widths. It created a sporty look. Just tape the onesie making your design. Add the piece of thick paper inside the onesie, so the paint doesn't go through the other side and seal the onesie shut when it dries. Paint the area in between the tape - I had my foam brush moist, not wet, to thin out the paint a bit. Let I dry. Do the same with the back. Make sure to touch up the sides too, where the design matches. I would advise it to wash the onesies before dressing your baby, that will also help the fabric paint to feel less stiff.
I also used this technique on the sweater. Then, I used gold paint to cover the sheep design.

Planing stripes

Sweater - before the paint

The other way to add print to your baby's clothes is to use self-adhesive paper and a hole puncher (it can be any design you want, I went for oversized circles and stars). Punch your self-adhesive paper leaving a good amount of space around it so you don't get paint outside your design. Stick to where you want to paint, dab your brush, but don't forget to put a thick paper in between the front and back again. Be careful to not use too much paint or it will seep through. Remove sticky paper and move to another area. Repeat until you feel your design is complete at the front. Let it dry before you do the back. I chose to do my star design on the back of the sleeves but not on the whole back, so it would not overwhelm the onesie. I just add one star near the bottom for fun. On the large dot design I decided to use a iridescent white paint over the white onesie. It is a subtle design that will work with many printed bottoms.

Just a little dot goes a long way - and can you see my paper in between layers? Very helpful little trick.

These adhesive cardstocks are so easy and helpful to use
The finished product.

That's it. Simple and easy. I hope you enjoy and have a happy new year!!!

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