Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I am in the process of moving... again, so I am home these days packing my whole apartment into boxes. I feel like a pro-packer since I got in a routine of moving every couple of years. I try to clean and purge things as I go through them. Do you ever feel like you hold on to things for no reason? I am not a hoarder, in fact I came from Brazil with just a couple of suitcases, but now I just like to save things and when I move I realize that I didn't use those things for a whole year and a half or two. And that's why I like when I am in the mood of throwing things away. Have you ever felt that? It's just a combination of the right mood, right day (sunlight has a lot to do with that in my opinion) and the right music. Yes, the right music -- I can't pack without music, it's double boring. Anyways, these are a couple things to enjoy this week:

1. My new job, new co-workers, new challenges.

2. New bargain shoes I found yesterday at Anthro.

3. The first recipe I baked from my new Macrina cookbook: Morning Glory muffins.

4. My new watch that my dear aunt gave it to me. And I wanted one like this for so long.

5. Finishing packing and living the next days before the move with only the necessary - which means, no dishes to do and moving day is right at the door, yay!

6. The cute nail polish choices for this week.

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