Monday, August 30, 2010

An Alien's Home

I'll begin with a question. Do you always feel like you don't fit in? Feel like no one gets you? Or like you have random thoughts about things in general? If yes, then welcome to A Stranger View where I'll be sharing about my weirdness. If not, then just read along and try to understand my world a little bit.
I am tired of being the strange one all the time. That's why I decided to start this blog.. maybe there will be more like me out there. To start my introduction, well.. how can I say this.. I am an alien. It is true. That is what I am called by the American Government. I am Brazilian, but after 5 years of living in the US, I feel more like an alien than anything else. When I am in the US, I feel that no one understands me and I have to get home, to my roots and feel myself again, but when I'm in Brazil I feel I am a different person. I feel I am different even to my closest family, and then I have to get back to where I am living now, because that is what I am used to now.
So now there are these back and forth feelings of somewhere, somehow, I will feel like myself again--maybe I should call the blog: Confused and Indecisive.. but who wants to read that? It's like I am three different people: the one before moving, the one after moving, and the one who goes back to visit. I know, it's a mess. You might not understand anything, and that's why I pre-warned you about this blog being one of weirdness.
Anyways, this is not going to be a tool to complain. I just want to share how I see things and be open to the perspectives of others.
So, here we go.

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